Subsidy contracts

When an application has been presented to and approved by the Steering Committee, the Lead Beneficiary of the successful application will receive a letter from the Joint Secretariat explaining the Steering Committee decision including potential conditions or recommendations made by the Steering Committee. The next step in the procedure is to issue a subsidy contract for the project, which is done by the Joint Secretariat.

The subsidy contract is a key document as it provides all the various conditions under which your project is approved and emphasises the legal basis of your grant.

The contract starts with a general part, which includes the legal basis of the contract and provides overall guidance on what to do when. This part is generic and will be the same for all projects. In addition to this, there is a project specific part, which is unique for each individual project. The project specific part refers to the approved application and confirms the project budget as well as start and end dates of the project activities. The project specific part also confirms potential changes to the project and project specific conditions when relevant.

The subsidy contract is issued electronically via the online monitoring system and is signed electronically by a representative from the Managing Authority and by the Joint Secretariat. Once you receive the contract, you will need to confirm the contract by way of an electronic signature. The contract is invalid until all three signatures are in place.