How to become an authorised signatory

The project manager opens the application in the online monitoring system and enters the lead beneficiary organisation’s contact details. Next step is to invite the person selected to be the authorised signatory to register in the system.

The person selected as authorised signatory will receive an e-mail with an invitation to register in the online monitoring system. Unless the authorised signatory is already a registered user in the system, he/she must set up an account.

Once the authorised signatory has an account in the system, he/she will be invited to log in to the authorised signatory part of the system where the document Appointment of authorised signatory must be exported, signed and sent by post to the Joint Secretariat. 

The same form must be scanned and uploaded to the online monitoring system as well. Once the Joint Secretariat has received the document by post and verified it against the oploaded version, a pin code will be issued and sent to the authorised signatory by post.

Upon receipt of this pin code, the authorised signatory will be able to activate the digital signature and submit a full application or a report on finance and activities in the online monitoring system.

This somewhat complex procedure of verifying the identity of the authorised signatory and their relationship to the lead beneficiary organisation and project in question is a compulsory security measure that allows working paperless on other aspects of project administration in the online monitoring system.

This is the only part of the regular project life cycle that requires sending paper originals to the Joint Secretariat.

Relevant document
Appointment of authorised signatory (for information only - must be printed from the online monitoring system)

How to designate and confirm your authorised signatory