Before submitting a full application (lead beneficiaries)

Every project submitting a full application must appoint one lead beneficiary contact person (usually the project manager) and one authorised signatory at the time of application. For security reasons, the project manager and the authorised signatory cannot be the same person.

It is important to distinguish between the role and responsibilities of the project manager and the authorised signatory:

  • The project manager draws up all project related documents, such as the application and later in the process change procedures and reports.

  • The authorised signatory, on the other hand, is a person with the legal authority to sign on behalf of the beneficiary organisation. By means of a digital signature, the authorised signatory can sign and submit the formal documents prepared by the project manager such as a full application form, reports, change procedures etc. to the Joint Secretariat.

Signing and submitting applications, reports and documents happens electronically through the online monitoring system.

Please note!
Designation of the authorised signatory must be completed before the full application can be submitted. It is therefore essential to start the authorised signatory designation process as soon as possible and by no means towards the end of a call!