Project ideas


It is possible to submit a project idea before a call for applications open. Ideas are published on the programme website and can be used to search for new partners. It is possible, though not recommended, to mark an idea as confidential. The project idea is also used to alert programme authorities to the idea. You can ask for informal advice on your idea from the Joint Secretariat. You may do this once per project idea per call.

Submission of a Project Idea

Project ideas can only be submitted electronically via the online monitoring system. If you do not want it to be published on the website you can choose it to be confidential in the form. Complete all parts of the form and follow the procedure described online for submitting your idea. The programme will only accept project ideas submitted by using the electronic standard form.

Detailed information about the submission of project ideas can be found in the project life cycle

Requesting feedback

Once you have submitted your idea, you will be able to request feedback from the Joint Secretariat. This feedback will always take the form of a telephone/Skype meeting. No written feedback is provided.

Submitting a project idea is optional!