Expression of interest

The application process starts with an expression of interest which consists of a basic set of questions about your proposed project.

In essence, it is a short form that allows the Steering Committee to decide whether a project proposal fits the programme and whether the proposed beneficiaries, activities, budget and anticipated results seem realistic in order to deliver the idea.

You can start an expression of interest after registering as a user in our online monitoring system. Once you have completed the expression of interest, you can submit it to the Joint Secretariat electronically.

Please note that submitting an expression of interest is the first step towards approval of a full application. Only applicants with an approved expression of interest can submit a full application.

Once we have received your expression of interest, we will conduct a review and provide a recommendation to the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee takes the ultimate decision on whether or not to approve your project idea.

Further information about the expression of interest can be found in the project life cycle