We make a difference with digital transformation

New digital technology is here and it is moving fast forward, changing our world as we know it. Digital solutions hold a great potential to underpin core European values such as democracy and caring for the planet.

We support projects that tap into the opportunities and help ensure no one is left behind. Helping SMEs, rural areas, and public agencies to harness digital innovation are central to this effort. Our projects are aligned with the three pillars of digital transformation in the European Union.

Project highlights

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ACCESS: Mainstreaming smart grids

With the transition to decentralised green power, grids must get smarter. Can a parking space be an energy hub? Might peer-to-peer trading reduce social costs? ACCESS finds the answers.



ART-Forum: Creating a road map for automated transport

ART-Forum empowers public authorities to navigate automated transport. How can policies and planning help avoid pitfalls and make driverless vehicles part of a green and safe society? 

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AVATAR: Promoting carbon-free transport on water

AVATAR supports the evolution of smaller zero emission, automated vessels. The purpose is to use waterways for moving goods and waste between cities and their hinterlands. 



BITS: Driving cycling forward with smart ICT 

BITS uses smart ICT systems that make cycling safer and more convenient. This supports cycling as the number one choice for short-distance transport.  

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BLING: Exploring blockchain in government

Blockchain technology offers untapped opportunities to improve public services. BLING explores how blockchain can advance public service delivery. 



COM3: Supporting rural SMEs to step up the digital game

How can public agencies and business support organisations help rural SMEs with their digital transition? The COM3 partners are developing a unique support model.

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CORA: Bridging the digital divide

CORA has created a model enabling local authorities in rural areas to identify and tackle their digital barriers. It empowers them to build digital skills and create advanced digital infrastructure and services.  

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Create Converge: Driving economies with creative tech

VR, AI, augmented reality: Creative digital solutions are changing our routines. Create Converge promoted the creative tech industry as a driver of regional development.  

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EXSKALLERATE: Boosting workers' health through digital engineering 

Working in the construction and manufacturing industries can be hard on the body. EXSKALLERATE promotes the use of exoskeletons to improve workers' health and safety.



Futures by Design: Enabling rural SMEs to tap into data

Futures by Design helps SMEs outside of cities to become drivers of local economies through targeted use of data. 

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GrowIn 4.0: Bringing manufacturing SMEs into the future

Getting ready for future technologies such as automation, robotics, and immersive tech is no small task. This project has developed a range of tools for manufacturers to get smarter. 

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Like! Building a digital mindset

Like! built a digital innovation culture in public administrations. From robotics to digicoaches, the project demonstrated the benefits of going digital in public service delivery.

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NON-STOP: Developing smarter ports

NON-STOP applies new digital solutions at medium-sized ports. The aim is to raise efficiencies by 10% whilst reducing energy consumption and pollution by 10%.



NorthSEE: Giving Maritime Spatial Planning a digital edge

The project brought governments and research institutions together to identify sustainable pathways for blue growth and marine protection. New digital collaboration platforms are cornerstones of the project's legacy. 

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PAV: Planning for autonomous vehicles

PAV helps cities to integrate autonomous driving in spatial planning, avoiding pitfalls and tapping into the opportunities to make urban transport safer and greener.

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SCORE: Putting open data to good use

The SCORE project demonstrates the power of shared data for improving public services, engaging citizens, and enhancing quality of life in the North Sea Region.  



SEEV4-City: Linking smart grids to green transport

This project fosters green city development through smart linkages between electric vehicles, renewable energy sources, and ICT smart grid solutions.

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SURFLOGH: Hacking the answers to last mile delivery

The SURFLOGH partners are no strangers to drones, autonomous driving, internet of things, or any other digital technology that can revolutionise urban logistics.