Making a difference by boosting green energy transitions

The transition to green energy needs fast-tracking to stabilise the world's climate and prevent the worst-case scenarios from happening in the future. It is also key to securing energy independence. Time is of the essence - the shift needs to happen fast.  

The North Sea Region is uniquely placed to pave the way and accelerate the transition. All seven North Sea Region countries appear in the top 20 of Global Energy Transition Index 2021, with Denmark, Sweden and Norway topping the list. 


Explore projects on green energy


2IMPREZS: Kids pushing for green energy at schools

In 2IMPREZS, school kids take leadership in reducing emissions from their schools. In addition to saving energy, they also advocate renewable energy such as solar panels. 



ACCESS: upscaling renewable energy in cities

ACCESS works to enable local urban energy hubs including smart grid and storage solutions. The project runs pilots in four cities - Amersfoort, Malmö, Mechelen and West Suffolk.



AVATAR: Promoting zero-emission automated vessels

AVATAR is at the forefront of sustainable transport promoting a new solution: Zero-emission, automated vessels that transport waste and goods to and from cities.



COBEN: Communities driving the green transition

COBEN supports citizens, farmers, and local businesses to own and manage decentralised green energy installations. COBEN has built a network of over 3,000 stakeholders. 



DecomTools: Taking down wind turbines responsibly

DecomTools tackles a looming issue: How to decommission worn offshore wind turbines. The project tackles this problem through eco-innovative concepts.  

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DUAL Ports: Exploring solar, wave, tidal and wind power

DUAL Ports works with small and medium ports to develop their sustainability. Several pilots explore renewable energy sources for fuelling ships. 

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EMPOWER 2.0: Empowering people to become active energy citizens

EMPOWER 2.0 facilitates citizens to create local green energy communities and adopt solutions for energy ownership.

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HyTrEc2: Promoting green hydrogen in transport

What if cars, vans, and buses could run on zero-emission hydrogen, produced with solar and wind energy? HyTrEc2 is leading the way to the transition. 

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INDU-ZERO: Promoting solar power in mass renovation package

INDU-ZERO develops a factory blueprint for energy renovating old buildings. The standard renovation pakage comes complete with roof material integrating solar panels.




Inn2POWER: Beefing up wind power supply chains

Inn2POWER enhances the capacity of offshore wind supply chain SMEs by building innovation skills and offering test facilities. 

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Northern Connections: Matching needs and solutions

Northern Connections brought energy clusters together in living labs. Through reverse pitching, buyers presented challenges to SMEs such as designing Sweden's first climate-neutral kindergarten.

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NorthSEE: Making room for offshore wind power 

NorthSEE provided a better basis for informed and coordinated Maritime Spatial Planning. A crucial point in focus was the need to  integrate the need to expand offshore wind power with other concerns in the North Sea. 

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OESA: Scaling up ocean energy

Wave, tidal, and current energy are clean energy sources that exist in abundance in the unruly North Sea. OESA develops and deploys large-scale marine ocean energy pilots.  

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PERISCOPE: Innovating for smart marine energy solutions

PERISCOPE boosted maritime innnovation. Its pilots included floating wind farms and battery storage, and autonomous inspection systems for offshore renewable energy assets.  



RIGHT: Bridging tomorrow's skills gaps

RIGHT investigates current and future needs for skills within the energy sector. This enables knowledge institutions to design their education to meet regional demands.



SEEV4-City: Powering electric cars with green energy 

What if cities could provide local wind or solar power for electric vehicles and enable them to deliver surplus power back to the grid? SEEV4-City helped realise this vision.

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WASP: Setting sail towards wind-assisted shipping

Through testing inventive fittings like rotor sails and ventifoils, WASP builds momentum for wind-assisted shipping in the North Sea. 

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