Call 12 is open

Call 12 is open for project extensions only. 

The Joint Secretariat will accept requests for project extensions, which can be entered in the changes module of the Online Monitoring System, between 11 January and 19 March 2020 (23:59 CET).

Since the call is exclusively designed for extensions, only ongoing or recently closed projects may apply.  

Please note that your project is not eligible if it received additional funding as part of an approved extension request in a previous call. However, if your project has received a "Covid-19 lifetime extension", you may apply for an extension in Call 12. 

How to apply 

The lead beneficiary may submit the request for an extension after discussing it with the partnership and gathering the necessary information from the project partners.

You may consult with your project advisor and/or National Contact Point on the content of your application up until the end of the call on Friday, 19 March. 

Approval process

Extension requests will be assessed by Joint Secretariat project advisors after the call closes, and the Steering Committee will meet to decide on submitted requests in June 2021.

Webinar and Q&A

We organised a webinar dedicated to helping applicants in this call, including a Q&A session where projects could ask general questions about the parameters and procedures of the call. For questions related to your specific project, however, please consult with your project advisor or National Contact Point.

You can watch the webinar and find the presentation here.

Guidance for Call 12

We strongly recommend that you explore the resources below before you submit your extension request.

Guidance note for call 12
Five tips for call 12 applicants