Project ideas North Sea Programme 2021-2027

Find partners for your project idea

Are you keen to know what projects are developing for the new North Sea Programme? Would you be interested to join one of the projects that plan to apply in the first call? Maybe you are inspired to pitch a project idea yourself? On this project idea platform you can browse project ideas and submit your own. 

Project ideas platform

You can browse the project ideas that are brewing in the North Sea region when you select one of the four priorities in the left-hand column. If you would like to get in touch with one of the project idea owners you can find their mail address on the 'project idea card'. 

You can submit your own project idea at 'submit project idea'.

This platform is hosted by the Joint Secretariat to help form partnerships and extend existing partnerships with new members. The project advisors do not give feedback on the 'project idea cards'. If you would like feedback or have a question, please do reach out to us. From December onwards, the Joint Secretariat is available during consultation hours. Please keep an eye out on our website.

What is next?

This platform is a beta version of the 'partner search' tool that will be developed with the new website for the 2021-2027 North Sea Programme. With this version, you can 'only' read through project ideas and submit your own. For a search function or partner matching we unfortunately have to wait until the new website is published. We are always keen to hear your ideas, please get in touch with suggestions. 



Photo Rodnae Productions/Pexels