Value chain engagement

This section is intended for all those involved in the procurement chain or who have a keen interest in circular procurement. Its purpose is to enhance global interest in circular procurement and promote participation in the circular transformation movement. Many initiatives have been launched during the ProCirc project to establish communities or platforms where individuals or businesses can come together, share knowledge, and experience and contribute to the circular procurement business transformation.


Guidance for communities of practice

The communities and guidance package were created to share learnings, inspire, inform future CoPs and encourage collaboration on circular procurement.

What: ProCirc set up 16+ Communities of Practice (CoPs) on circular procurement. A CoP is a group of organisations from across a sector and/or a specific place, coming together to share knowledge and experience. Each of ProCirc’s CoPs have been evaluated to share their successes and learnings with you. This allows you to take our learnings into account when creating your own CoPs.

How: If you would like more help setting up, managing, and retaining your CoPs we recommend reading the guidance package.The guidance shares our definition and design principles for a CoP, the different approaches to CoPs that have been experimented with through ProCirc, the take-aways of each CoP and several tips.


Joint Statement of Demand

A Joint Statement of Demand (JSD) is a collective commitment to circular procurement for an industry sector. It includes a set of demands (referred to as ‘asks’) that industry partners should adhere to and will be requested from other partners in the supply chain. JSDs drive collective innovation in the supply chain and bundle commitment to accelerate the shift towards a more sustainable future.

What: During the Procirc project three Joint Statements of Demand were developed for the workwear, office furniture, and electrical vehicle charger sectors. Future initiatives to initiate JSDs for other industry sectors are warmly welcomed. 

How: You can find the JSDs here.

To become a signatory to the Joint Statements of Demand please visit:

Circular business model route maps

The main goal of the circular business model route maps is to support you in developing circular strategies and redesigning your business models or operational processes. Also, they urge you to rethink your way of collaborating and creating value. They help you understand the type of alternative products and services suppliers can deliver.

What: Are you looking for a go-to, hands-on approach to transition towards a circular business? We created two circular business model route maps to help you along.

How: Each map sets out a series of steps, showing what is needed to transition your organisation into a ‘circular’ business. Every step points you to a set of useful tools which will aid your business to embed circularity.

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