Watch: #EUCircularTalk: Could mandatory circular procurement drive the EU CEAP?

Circular procurement is one of the answers to the changing functional needs of users within an organisation. It is also an essential tool for promoting a circular economy in the procurement process by stimulating the market for circular products and services.

It aims to retain the value of the products, components, and materials to be purchased as much as possible while deploying procurement power in a way that maximises the positive ecological, social and economic impact throughout the lifespan of products, services and work.

The discussion in this #EUCircularTalk centred on the policies to drive circular procurement, thereby accelerating the transition to a circular economy within the EU. From policy levels varying from the European Commission down to cities, speakers shared their experiences with circular and green procurement policies. They set the stage for an interacive dialogue.


About the EU Circular Talks
The EU Circular Talks is a new exchange concept of the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform. It aims to encourage stakeholders to interact and discuss the circular economy topics in the platform.

Stakeholders initiate the topics themselves. These can take multiple forms of online events; workshops, seminars, debates or Q&As. These are followed by discussions directly via the platform's communication channels. The #EUCircularTalks uses all the communication channels to inform the community and foster the debate on the circular economy. The results of each EU Circular Talk is summarised and published on the ECESP platform.