This section is meant for those procurers who are inspired by the ProCirc route to circular procurement and want to become active influencers or leaders of change. It provides policy recommendations as well as recommendations for networks to join.


Policy recommendations

Report "Five scaling opportunities for circular procurement"
This report
summarises the main messages from more than 30 circular procurement pilots conducted in the Interreg NSR ProCirc project (2018-2023). The objective of the report is to stimulate action among policymakers at European and national levels by identifying what is needed to further accelerate the scale-up of circular procurement. Also, a one-pager is available.

The uptake of circular procurement practices is currently limited to a small number of ambitious frontrunners. How to scale circular procurement from ambitious frontrunners to wide-scale uptake and integration? Through better promotion in policy and higher-level strategies, circular procurement can significantly contribute to reaching the net zero emission goals required to halt the climate crisis. Read our report, which includes five main recommendations for how to further accelerate the scaling of circular procurement.


In parallel, partners have been actively involved in the Leadership Group on Circular Procurement of the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform (ECESP). There they shared their experiences and challenges during several #EUCircularTalks. This way, experts were able to come together to reflect on the needs and opportunities to address circular procurement challenges through lively debates.

Interested in watching these discussions? The recordings of these #EUCircularTalks are available:


During the project time, partners prepared the concept of C-PRONE, a platform that is meant to become a one-stop first guidance on what is going on, which tools are available, who is working on which aspects and what has been done before. C-PRONE will function as a structural sharing platform, connecting projects, networks and other initiatives around circular procurement.

More information on C-PRONE is available here.