Procurement toolbox

The ProCirc project aims to create a circular procurement toolbox to provide procurers with tools, methods and knowledge to integrate circularity in all process phases. This makes it easier for them to find out which tools exist and which are most suitable for their procurement projects.

Are you a procurer and want to get a first impression and asses if these tools might fit your needs? Take a look a these six elevator pitches given by toolowners!

Are you a tool owner and would like to share your own eleveator pitch on this website? Please contact


MRA Roadmap Circular Procurement & Commissioning

Link to the roadmap (English) Link to the roadmap (Dutch)

This roadmap is developed by parties in the Metropolitan Region of Amsterdam (MRA). It supports governments in their goals to work towards 100% circular procurement and commissioning. The roadmap provides for a step-by-step plan that helps to design the implementation process and select actions needed. 


Madaster - the digital library of materials

Link to the website.

Madaster is the online registry for materials and products. Madaster generates passports for registered buildings and construction objects. The registered materials and products that are incorporated in buildings can be removed or dismantled to be reused or recycled and, therefore, retain value. Madaster is an independent platform and accessible for individuals, businesses and governments.


E-learning circular procurement

Link to the website (only in Dutch).

Iedereen die zijn of haar kennis van het inkopen van circulaire oplossingen wil vergroten, kan gratis deze e-learning volgen.


CO2 Performance Ladder

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The CO2 Performance Ladder is a proven CO2 management system and sustainable procurement tool. By using the CO2 Performance Ladder as a procurement tool, the commissioning party award advantage to companies that ambitiously and continuously make effort of carbon emissions reduction within their organisation and their projects, with the CO2 Performance Ladder CO2 management system.

CO2 reduction and circularity often go hand in hand as carbon emissions are almost always inherent in lifecycles when fossil fuels are used. The Ladder requires that organisations collaborate with their supply chain and that they develop and share knowledge and data. Furthermore, supply chain analyses (LCA) is required on the higher levels of the Ladder.

Also, the Ladder encourages cooperation and a structural dialogue between the public and private sector. By using the CO2 Performance Ladder the commissioning party uses their procurement power to stimulate carbon reduction and circular thinking in its projects and to direct investments towards a low carbon and circular economy.


PRP® Circular e-procurement tool

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This tool is suited for each type of product or project. It is made for procurers and facilitates comparison of different offers. It includes a material passport and a management module.



MVI Criteria Tool

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With the aid of this tool, you will quickly collect the latest Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP) criteria for your procurement document. The tool works best when SPP ambitions have been defined in advance.



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How can the environmental impact of buildings, linked to the used building materials be reduced? All impact categories are included (consumption of raw materials, global warming, air, water and soil pollution, toxicity to humans or ecosystem,…), taking into account the full life cycle of the building and materials used.

The pitch is in Dutch (with English slides), but the tool is available in English as well.