Waste management services

Bpost, Belgium's national postal operator, will select a new provider(s) for the waste management services for all types of bpost buildings in Belgium.

The project includes the sourcing of waste management services for residual waste, paper, cardboard, PMD, confidential paper, small hazardous waste, chemicals, (press) containers, for all bpost buildings in Belgium: sorting and mail centres, offices, post offices, stamp printing. It will be investigated whether there are opportunities to broaden the scope for other waste streams like textiles, ICT material and demolition waste. Next, the geographical scope could be potentially broadened to the Netherlands to include other subsidiaries in the contract and realise economies of scale, of course depending upon the level of interest of subsidiaries and feasibility in the market.

Bpost wants to integrate circularity in their waste management processes by further stimulating prevention and by reducing waste volumes through sorting and reuse. This should be translated in the tender documents and monitored during the execution of the contract. The monitoring and reporting of the different waste streams is also a crucial point to take along in the tendering process (this to be fully compliant with legislation and external/internal reporting).

The new provider should be operational by the end of 2022.

This pilot project aims to tackle:

  • Integration of circular criteria in the Request for Proposal (RfP) (aim to set minimum requirements, awarding criteria, performance clauses in the RfP).
  • Ways to push suppliers into more operational efficiency and stimulate the suppliers to collaborate to further prevent waste, sort, reuse or choose other higher valorised treatment options.
  • Creating awareness on company level and nudging employees to prevent waste and better sorting.
  • Set the KPI’s to ensure compliance and finding ways to go beyond compliance. Ensuring a digital platform is in place to follow up data (accurate weighing) and progress.