Waste containers

Kolding Municipality’s Waste Management Department Redux, plans to purchase a number of new waste containers. These waste containers are being used for the collection and transport of various waste types from citizens at municipal recycling stations.

The aim of this pilot project is:

  1. to learn how to define circular demands or potentials through the procurement process for container purchase
  2. to gain increased experience in market engagement with focus on circular economy. Suppliers are invited to dialogue meetings in order to assess the circular potentials and to map existing circular principles fulfilled.

    The aim is to achieve as many circular potentials (CP’s) based on circular economy (CE) principles and key elements as possible. This has to be done without compromising on security issues of the supply and working environment. In fact, one of the main challenges is to realize CP’s without negative interference with other priorities. The municipality of Kolding is aiming for CE potentials with e.g. product life extension, incorporating digital technology, design, waste as a resource (recycled material, recyclability), phasing out harmful chemicals.

    In the future the municipality of Kolding hopes to be able to transition their procurement of containers to suppliers that are certified on sustainability. The containers should be certified as well and produced with a minimum of resources. The containers need to have the same or higher quality and consist of a growing percentage of recycled material without compromising on quality, longevity and recyclability.