't Centrum

‘t Centrum will be the first 100% circular office building in Flanders. It will be a showcase of circular construction and a demonstration towards (public) clients on how to procure in a circular manner.

The whole procurement is far from traditional as it strives towards a holistic and qualitative procurement, e.g. the price is fixed and will not be a decisive criterion. All the construction partners (architect, engineer, contractor) are present from the start, which has already proven to stimulate creativity whereas “classic” procurement tends to be found restrictive. The partners will design, engineer, build and maintain the building and provide the energy services. They even get the option to develop additional square meters in the building for their own exploitation. ‘t Centrum will be developed in Westerlo on the site of Kamp C, the center for sustainability and innovation in construction of the Province of Antwerp, Flanders. ‘t Centrum is being built by a consortium consisting of: Beneens, TEN, Streng-th, Muurtuin, West Architectuur, Tenerga and VITO.

Kamp C’s mission is to stimulate and accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable society. Our focus is on the construction industry and the built environment. The aim of this project is the actual process itself and not so much the end result (the building itself). We aim to inform, inspire and most of all to activate the construction industry. Therefore, Kamp C will fully disseminate all documentation and lessons learned. Once the building is ready it will remain an inspiring hub of circular construction.  


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