Refurbished office furniture

The Facilities Agency of the Flemish government has closed two framework agreements for circular office furniture. The first agreement is for the procurement of refurbished furniture that is at least partly circular. This supplier also buys back end-of-life furniture from the client. The second agreement is for refurbishment of office furniture that is already owned by Het Facilitair Bedrijf. The supplier delivers the refurbishment service and the furniture is returned to the offices for reuse.

Both framework agreements are open to all entities within the Flemish government and some local municipalities as well. This allows them to easily opt for a circular choice at competitive prices and without the administrative burden. This will hopefully help to upscale and mainstream refurbishment of office furniture.

The project will have impact inside and outside the Flemish government:

  • A significant part of the furniture that is procured by the Flemish government, her entities and affiliated governments will be circular.
  • The Flemish governement wants to lead by example. The concept of circular economy, circular procurement and circular office furniture will become broadly known by clients and a wider audience.
  • The Flemish government is able to share knowledge within ProCirc which will allow them to deepen our expertise on circular furniture and circular procurement. This will be beneficial for future procurement projects.
  • The circular procurements will lower their impact on raw materials, energy use, CO2-emission and waste production.
  • By using her large procurement power and catalysing the procurement impact her her entities and affiliated governments , the Flemish government will contribute significantly to the development of the market for circular office furniture.