Playground equipment

In this project Zero Waste Scotland (ZWS) aims to provide mentoring support for the next iteration of the framework, focusing on application of potential circular outcomes to provision of playground equipment and related services. This framework had previously received support to embed circular economy outcomes into the procurement strategy, tender wording for the method statements and evaluation.

However, data capture of any related outcomes by framework users was very patchy. Together with Scotland Excel, ZWS tries to identify how the next iteration of the framework could be improved. One of the key challenges of this project is the fact that play equipment is being disposed of, that is still in good working condition.

The equipment could be repurposed and relocated to provide more play spaces in economically deprived areas. However, there are challenges in embedding this approach. Ownership of equipment for repurpose and recycling is a key issue. Suppliers may not accept responsibility for equipment that isn’t theirs. Local authorities require resources (time & money) – to embed more environmentally friendly resource use and disposal practices.

For that reason, suppliers have been surveyed on their circularity capability and feedback to Scotland Excel alongside various case studies on circular playgrounds across Europe. Zero Waste Scotland is also collaborating with the City of Aalborg as they are preparing a tender on this topic and are happy to share knowledge, experience and insight. These resources will inform the user intelligence group in autumn and hopefully help to embed circular principles in the tender.

The main aim of this project is to introduce repair and remanufacturing of playground equipment through procuring better design and improving contract management process.