At the end of 2020 a new Makerspace will open in the city of Leuven, called ‘Maakleerplek’. The Maakleerplek will be launched temporarily in two iconic industrial, vacant and neglected building sites: the Silos and the Van Orshoven’ mills. The building sites are situated next to each other in the harbor area.
  • The ground floor of the silos will be made available to the city by a developer for a period of 3 years pending their own development. At the end of this period, the space is to be transferred back to the developer in the same condition as today.
  • The temporary nature of the project (short term usage) is an exceptional opportunity to create an innovative design concept and circular business model, in which maximum reuse of materials and building elements can be implemented.
  • The Van Orshoven mills are owned by the city of Leuven and can be used in for a period of at least 10 years. After 3 years, when the silos are transferred back to the developer, the Maakleerplek will fully function in the mills. The city intends to reuse as much materials and building elements form the silos for the reconversion of the mills.
  • The main aim of the city is to integrate the circular principles into the temporary use of the silos and the reconversion of the mills. The city also aims to make the makerspace fully circular in business model and functioning.
  • The secondary aim of the pilot project is to build a circular childcare centre at Sint-Maartensdal. Which will not focus on temporary use, but on a new and circular building.

This project will function as a pioneer case study for future circular business models in case of temporary use and construction projects for the city and its partners. Furthermore, it will create a circular design concept for temporary usage of old building sites, a circular businessmodel for the makerspace (product as a service, …) and a circular reconversion by reusing materials and building elements.