Kamp C - furniture

In our current project ‘t Centrum, we are exploring how to formulate the right ‘proposition’ to end with a fully circular building which covers different areas off circular building. We focus on material, design, business models, financing, and ‘new ways of working’. The actual building will arise at the Kamp C site (Westerlo, Belgium). In the procurement process of ‘t Centrum, the furniture will not yet be included.

Furniture is intensively used and bought in big numbers. Making the transition to a circular economy, involves a lot of sustainable advantages in this sector. Therefore, this pilot will have a great impact on the lifecycle, material used, CO2 emissions, mindset and awareness (make the story visible to users), and the wellbeing of the users. Furthermore, this pilot will focus on job creation for social vulnerable people (eg. Repair furniture, design for change, refurbishing) and for that reason could even involve repair-workshops with social employment.

Through ‘t Centrum, Kamp C will learn how to formulate the right functionalities of circular building. Lessons learned will be directly applicable in this case. The procurement phase for the furniture will start when the building ‘t Centrum approaches its finalization (estimated end summer 2021).