Household waste

This pilot of the municipality of Kolding (Denmark) is about Circular public tendering of collected household waste as an example textile waste.

The aim is to learn how to demand that the waste they sell or pay for is treated in the most circular way. We are particular interested in the reuse of damaged textiles, which up until now hasn’t been possible. The impact this project is aiming for is to be able to demand circular treatment and reuse of damaged textiles and other sectors of waste.

The municipality of Kolding is responsible for collecting all citizens waste. They collect residual waste and food waste at the threshold of the citizens doors. Metal, plastic, paper and glass in 1.400 decentralized reuse stations. The rest of the waste, they collect in 5 reuse centers. It’s an average of 65.000 tons of waste per year. Some of the waste fractions we pay to get treated and others we are able to sell.