Framework contract for maintenance and services in buildings

In this pilot the City of Malmö (Sweden) is focussing on a new framework contract for maintenance and services in buildings. The primary aim is to introduce and implement circular aspects in our framework contract on maintenance and service in buildings.

Through our framework contract we want to inspire and challenge the market to take steps to reuse more of what is today seen as construction waste. Sysav, the local, publicly owned waste company, runs together with City of Malmö a Site Called “återbyggdepån” where City of Malmö and others leave materials from buildings that have been demolished. The City of Malmö wants to find ways of better using these reused materials in our own maintenance and construction. Today we mostly reuse tiles, and the rest of the materials donated to Återbyggdepån go to other smaller construction firms. The tender will be published in February and the contract will start during summer and will have a duration of four years.