Edinburgh City Deal

In this project Zero Waste Scotland (ZWS), Edinburgh University, Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation aim to build capacity for zero and low carbon innovation in public sector construction and the built environment in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The project involves:

  • Building a community of industry, academic and public sector stakeholders to engage in the project and take forward its recommendations to accelerate emission reductions across the sector;

  • With the aid of real-world examples, identifying barriers to change and developing and accessing solutions to accelerate emission reductions, through a series of workshops and partner-led working groups;

  • In a discrete work-package led by our Energy Office and partners Integrated Environmental Solutions & Schneider Electric, testing digital tools that increase our ability to improve the energy performance and emissions associated with existing buildings on campus;

  • Developing key findings and recommendations to be presented in a written report to the Scottish Funding Council;

  • Maximising opportunities for wider take up of solutions developed during the project via a series of dissemination events towards the end of the project.

The impact of this project will be focused on capacity building: dissemination of information to public sector and influencing future decision making for construction projects.