De Potterij

The Potterij is a former blackfield that is owned and remediated by OVAM. It will now function as a circular citylab for change-oriented building. As a Interreg NSR ProCirc pilot, various solutions for circular, reusable building solutions will be tested and applied on site.

The experiences and lessons learned will be shared within the Interreg NSR ProCirc community as well as in Flanders in general.

As a public authority, OVAM wants to lead by example. By applying flexible, reusable systems for temporary design in construction, we want to inspire others to these circular solutions. Because the systems are reusable, there will be no need for demolition. Because they are flexible, their lifetime within ‘The Potterij’ can be extended. This will lead to less need for raw materials, less waste creation and less need for transportation, thus lower CO2- emissions.

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