Waste Management during the pandemic

10 July 2020 - Published by Eric Boessenkool
During the pandemic ACR+ guided municipalities around the world on how to best manage waste in order to keep their employees safe. They did this by gathering a collection of practices of waste management in the past months from around the world.

Dozens of organizations have used and shared the collection. Waste collection and treatment are essential services to society. This was a well-known fact even before the current pandemic. But their importance was further proven during the lockdown. Key workers like waste collection and management staff continued to keep our cities functional, even if doing so put them at a higher risk of infection.

Collection of practices

That’s why ACR+ gathered a collection of practices of waste management during this pandemic from around the world. The European Commission recommended it as a source of information in a recent briefing and its author Paolo Marengo, ACR+’s programme manager was invited to talk about the topic during a series of webinars. The webinar from Zero Waste Europe on Covid-19 in relation to waste management was particularly interesting. The collection, as well as a summary of the trends observed, are available on the ACR+ website.





Photo by Fusion Medical Animation on Unsplash