Survey: Help us identify which circular business model tools are available

01 March 2022 - Published by Eric Boessenkool
The ProCirc project aims to create a circular business model toolbox to provide suppliers with the knowledge and methods necessary to adopt circularity into their business processes. It will also aid procurers to understand the circular business models available in the market to meet their ambitions and adjust their procurement strategies. The toolbox will make it easier for them to find out which tools exist and which are most suitable for their purpose. To find out what is on the market we need your help.

There are multiple ways one can create or integrate circularity into their business model. However, businesses do often not know where to start and tools are of great help in this exploration. It can be difficult to find what they need, the reliability, what exactly is measured and, what it will cost. We want to identify which tools are available on the market. By offering a toolbox to the private sector on how to integrate circularity into their businesses, we also bring procurers one step closer to create more informed circular strategic procurement decisions. That’s why we developed a survey, which we kindly ask you to fill in. This will take approximately 10 minutes:

We will keep you posted on the outcome of the survey and other project results through this website: