Project logo and branding

In 2014-2020 Interreg programmes and their projects will use the same brand. This means that all North Sea Region Programme projects will use a specific Interreg project logo provided by the Joint Secretariat. You can download the ProCirc logo from sharepoint.

European Union flag
In  addition  to  the  project  acronym,  the  logo  contains  the  European  Union  flag  as  well  as  a reference to  the  European Union,  the North  Sea  Region  Programme  and  the  European Regional Development Fund. This means that by using the logo, projects will automatically live up to basic communication requirements.

Correct reference Fund and Programme
Furthermore,  all  project  information  and  communication  measures  must  clearly  refer  to  the North  Sea  Region  Programme.  The  project  logo  provided  by  the  Joint  Secretariat  has  been designed to live up to all of these requirements. Use it to avoid any risk of later errors! 

European Union
Please also note that ‘European Union’ must be spelled out at all times. If any item is too small for all  of  these  references,  the  EU  flag  and  an  acknowledgement  that  the  EU  has  provided  the project’s  funding,  must  be  included  as  an  absolute minimum.  Any  item  failing  to  meet  these requirements  will  be  considered  ineligible  and  may also  result  in  an  additional  demand  for repayment. 

If you want to add the logo to any Microsoft Office document please use the logo's in the file named RGB on Sharepoint.