ProCirc webspace

The North Sea Region Programme provided us with a website (project webspace) hosted through the Programme’s website. During implementation, ProCirc should make active use of this website to inform the public about the support obtained from the European Regional Development Fund by providing a short description of the project, its aims, results and financial support received on a project website.

Output library

The  project  webspace  is  linked  to  the  programme  website  and  online  monitoring  system (OMS).  As  a result an  overview  of  the main  project  outputs  reflected  in  activity reports will be automatically shown on the webspace in the ‘output library’. Every project must upload all main written outputs  in the OMS with  the  activity  report  and  these  will  be transferred  to  the  webspace  to  provide stakeholders with an up to date picture of project activities and outcomes.

News and event items

The WP2-leader can create news and event items, which will be shown on the project webspace as well as on the programme website, ensuring maximum visibility. Nevertheless, it is a requirement that project information on the webspace is up to date and that news and other information is communicated on time and regularly. So if you have any interesting news to share, please send an e-mail to