New report on status of circular procurement in the construction sector in Norway

02 June 2023 - Published by Lisanne van ‘t Hoff
ProCirc partner DFØ has appointed Deloitte to map the status of circular economy in the construction, civil engineering and real estate industry of Norway.

The key takeaways of the report are:

  • There is a clear trend towards a more circular CCERE industry in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.
  • Norway generates over two million tonnes of waste annually from construction and civil engineering activities.
  • Barriers to achieving a holistic approach to circularity in the industry include budget constraints, regulatory provisions, challenging logistics, and a perceived lack of market for reused construction materials.
  • Guidance materials on the circular procurement for the CCERE industry need to be simple and targeted to different ambition levels.
  • A list of numerous initiatives, tools, platforms, and networks that have been established to facilitate circularity in the CCERE industry in Norway and abroad.

Click on this link for an English summary of the report.