Invitation: Exploring the future of sustainable electric vehicle chargers

20 December 2022 - Published by Lisanne van ‘t Hoff
The growing market of electric vehicle chargers (EVCs) has led to increasing environmental impacts that are at the risk of being overlooked. To address this issue, the City of Malmö would like to invite you to a collaborative process with the goal to deepen their knowledge about how the EVC procurement can become more circular.

As partner of the Interreg NSR ProCirc project, the City of Malmö is inviting public and private organisations, as well as the industry, for a number of workshops and open meetings with the goal to produce a joint statement of demand together.

Market prospects and challenges

Even though electrical vehicles still represent a marginal part of the total market, it is likely to believe that they will rapidly increase in numbers, not least due to political incentives and a growing awareness of the ongoing climate crisis. In 2021, Europe was the second-largest EV charger market and the forecast estimates that the numbers of electric vehicles will increase exponentially in the next few years. Similarly, the demand for EV chargers will follow, and by 2030, 2.9 million EV chargers will be needed in Europe.

As a result of the fast-growing EVC market, the material flows are emerging, leaving an environmental impact as the chargers are being produced. However, since the electric vehicle is generally regarded as a “green” alternative – as opposed to the fossil-fueled vehicle – its environmental impacts are at risk of being overlooked or regarded as less important.

Setting the standards for circular EVC procurement

The City of Malmö, as partner of the Interreg NSR ProCirc project, wants to nudge the EVC market into becoming more circular. By producing a joint statement of demand, consisting of common demands on EVCs when procuring, we would like to join forces with other organisations – public and private ones, as well as with the industry – to set a standard for circular EVCs. The goal is to deepen their knowledge about the EVC market and the potential in using circular-friendly materials.

They would like to welcome you to take part in a collaborative process with the purpose to outline an initial set of demands, helping the procurement of EVC. The process will start with a webinar in late January 2023 where the possibilities for circular EVC will be explored. The webinar will be followed by about four meetings with the aim to have the joint statement of demand ready by June 2023.


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Photo by Michael Fousert on Unsplash