Exploring the future of sustainable vehicle chargers

21 February 2023 - Published by Lisanne van ‘t Hoff
The 2nd of February a first session was held as a kick off for the Joint Statement of Demand for EV Chargers.

You can watch the recorded session here.

The growing market of electric vehicle chargers (EVCs) has led to increasing environmental impacts that are at the risk of being overlooked. The material flows emerging, are leaving an environmental impact as the chargers are being produced. Europe is the second-largest EV charger market and the forecast estimates that the numbers of electric vehicles will increase exponentially in the next few years. Similarly, the demand for EV chargers will follow, and by 2030, over 3 million EV chargers will be needed in Europe.

To address this issue, the Interreg NSR ProCirc project is setting up a collaborative process with the goal to deepen the knowledge about how the EVC procurement can become more circular and sustainable. The outcome of the process will be expressed in the shape of a Joint Statement of Demand. By producing a Joint Statement of Demand, consisting of common demands on EVCs when procuring, we set the ambition for future circular tenders.

Summary of the first session

To start the process of the JSD, a first webinar was held the 2nd of February.

During the webinar, City of Malmö provided an overview of why EVCs are an important product group for the Joint Statement of Demand and of how the continued process will proceed.  

bpost, the Belgian postal service company, gave a presentation of their lessons learned from the pre-tender phase of procurement of EVCs they have undergone.

Powerstation, a start-up company in the EVC industry, shared knowledge about circular possibilities, which they have gathered from research they have been doing over the last couple of years.

A discussion and brainstorming session about potential and barriers of circularity in EVCs was started and will be continued next meeting.

Link to presentations:

  • City of Malmö: why EVCs are an important product group for the JSD and how the JSD process will proceed
  • bpost: lessons learnt from the pre-tender phase of procurement of EVCs
  • Powerstation: circular possibilities


Next seminar will be the 8th of March at 10.00. Send an email to to get the link to the meeting.