City of Malmö nominated for Circular Procurement of the Year award

01 July 2022 - Published by Lisanne van ‘t Hoff
We are proud to announce that ProCirc partner City of Malmö is nominated for the Procura+ Award in the category Circular Procurement of the Year. This award recognises outstanding circular economy applications in the public authority’s procurement.

The City of Malmö has been applying a circular approach to procurement over the past couple of years. Through the Circular PP project, it has piloted the procurement of “non-new furniture” for its city hall. The city has now replicated this circular approach to navigation signs in a ProCirc pilot. These include both signs that are used in public buildings and on streets. The municipality aims to reuse these signs as much as possible. If that is not possible, then the signs are sent back for reuse or redesign to the supplier. Recycling is considered as the last resort option. For each square meter of reused aluminium, 56 kilos of Co2 are saved.

For this tender, Malmö developed three circular criteria. First, to promote reuse within the municipality, the tenderer had to have experience with stocking products for a customer. Second, to encourage reuse by the supplier, the tenderer had to have experience with reusing products that the customer no longer used. Third, to close the loop, the tenderer had to have optimal recycling processes for different materials (plastics, aluminium, glass, and electronics). Out of 5 bidders, one company met all three circular criteria.

The selected supplier has been producing signs designed for multiple use-cycles. This supplier has won a national sign award called “Svenska skyltpriset” for a sign made of reused material. Through this tender, the City of Malmö encouraged the supplier to adopt new circular business practices, scale their circular systems, and design innovative products with better materials.

About the awards

The Procura+ Awards highlight sustainable, circular and innovation procurements and tender procedures and give visibility to the most dynamic, forward-looking and innovative public authorities and their initiatives.

The procured solutions will have a strong potential for replication and scaling up and will be an excellent showcase in using sustainable, circular and innovation procurement instruments to purchase cutting edge solutions.

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