Circular procurement as a way to address pollution: experiences from ProCirc

27 May 2021 - Published by Eric Boessenkool

The online seminar “Circular procurement as a way to address pollution: experiences from ProCirc” took place 18 May 2021. It touched upon key aspects for the implementation of circular procurement and gathered 47 experts and interested stakeholders. The event started with a presentation of the EU framework for circular procurement, followed by the ProCirc toolbox to facilitate the transition towards circular practices and the introduction of the C-PRONE initiative, a global umbrella for circular procurement. A panel discussion reflected on the challenges and opportunities for circular procurement as a way to address pollution, based on ProCirc partners’ experiences (with representatives from Rijkswaterstaat, Circular Flanders, Zero Waste Scotland, the City of Malmö and the Norwegian Agency for Public and Financial Management).

You can find the presentations here:

Introduction (Philippe Micheaux Naudet, ACR+)

The EU framework and tools for circular procurement (Enrico Degiorgis, European Commission)

ProCirc tools to help procurers in their transition towards circular practices (Melody Van den Acker, Circular Flanders)

C-PRONE: a long-term framework for the circular procurement community (Joan Prummel, Rijkswaterstaat)




Photo by K8 on Unsplash