Advancing Circular Construction: Case studies from the building and infrastructure sectors

24 September 2020 - Published by Eric Boessenkool
ProCirc partner Business in the Community (BITC) have published a collection of case studies, Advancing Circular Construction, exploring circular buildings and infrastructure in the UK.

These case studies show the immense environmental, economic and wellbeing benefits of applying circular economy principles at different stages in a range of projects. This collection is linked to the ProCirc Community of Practice on built environment in the UK. ProCirc aims to upscale circular approaches to procurement, taking a holistic view of procurement as being an entire process which begins with project conception and design. These case studies demonstrate the benefit of taking circular approaches and how these have been implemented – it is hoped that this will inspire ProCirc pilots, and other future projects, to consider circularity at an early stage. BITC are keen to expand upon this resource and to profile highly innovative projects from across Europe. Wish to get involved? Please contact


Photo by ©Hendriks Fotografie