Leading organisations join forces to drive circular economy through purchasing power

14 July 2023

A group of leading businesses and public sector organisations from across the North Sea Region have committed to action to create a circular economy, mobilising over €45 million of their combined purc…

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Guidance on Organisational Change for circular procurement

16 June 2023

Interreg NSR PRoCirc partner City of Malmö has been working on circular procurement since 2017. Today circular procurement is well integrated into processes at the centralized procurement unit. In thi…

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Pioneering circularity: from phones and tablets to baby strollers

06 June 2023

Circular procurement is a key driver of sustainability, underscoring the potential of organisations to influence the shift towards a more resource-efficient and resilient future. Johan Rodenhuis, a su…

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New report on status of circular procurement in the construction sector in Norway

02 June 2023

ProCirc partner DFØ has appointed Deloitte to map the status of circular economy in the construction, civil engineering and real estate industry of Norway.

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Online event: follow up and key takeaways

25 April 2023

Our online event on the 18th of April to share the results and lessons of the ProCirc project attracted more than 100 participants from different countries. In three different sessions ProCirc partner…

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How to procure circular: Lessons from 30 pilot procurements

12 April 2023

Are you a procurer and interested in learning more about how you can contribute to a circular economy? Read our new report that summarises the learnings from more than 30 circular procurement pilots a…

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Five scaling opportunities for circular procurement

11 April 2023

How to scale circular procurement from ambitious frontrunners to wide-scale uptake and integration? Through better promotion in policy and higher level strategies, circular procurement can significan…

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Waste warriors: fighting the plastic problem

03 April 2023

In a circular economy, materials are put to maximum use according to the 3 Rs concept: reduce, reuse, recycle. We spoke to three warriors in the fight against plastic to see how they approached the pr…

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Watch: #EUCircularTalk: From local to global: how procurement could drive a just transition

21 February 2023

This #EUCircularTalk discussed the social impact of procurement in a circular Europe for developing countries, and how European procurement proceedings can integrate social aspects. The talk was organ…

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Building a case for circular construction

25 September 2022

Constructing a circular building is a complex process involving a range of aspects. We caught up with An Eijkelenburg and Emiel Ascione to talk about their experiences on two different circular buildi…

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