Pilot case study: Transition from fossil fuel to green energy

28 March 2022

Kolding Municipality has laid the groundwork for a focused effort to work on the green transition through the municipal sustainability strategy. In relation to the transport area, the Municipality, in…

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Survey: Help us identify which circular business model tools are available

01 March 2022

The ProCirc project aims to create a circular business model toolbox to provide suppliers with the knowledge and methods necessary to adopt circularity into their business processes. It will also aid …

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Pioneering the circular procurement of furniture

14 February 2022

According to the European Environmental Bureau, 10 million tonnes of furniture are discarded by businesses and consumers in the European Union each year, the majority of which ends up in the landfill …

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Shells serve as floor insulation within pilot case ’t Centrum (Westerlo, Belgium)

14 February 2022

The construction team of ’t Centrum chose shells as a means of floor insulation. Teun Depreeuw, manager of Ecoshelp, explains.

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Webinar: Practical guidance for procurers and project managers in circular procurement

23 November 2021

On the 9th of November Interreg North Sea Region projects Procirc and joined forces and organised a webinar to showcase best practices, practical tools and case studies for organisations t…

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ProCirc | “Delivering the EU Green Deal through Circular Procurement” online workshop

02 November 2021

On the 14th of October 2021, a workshop on circular procurement took place as part of the 19th European Week of Regions and Cities. The event was co-organised by the Urban Agenda Partnership for Innov…

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The importance of early market dialogue and creating trust

11 October 2021

The advantages of having a circular business model are numerous. That’s certainly been the case for Anders Mølgaard, owner and founder of the Danish SME BurntWood. His company collects recycled wood f…

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Procurement as a Building Block for Circular Construction

10 September 2021

On 7th September the webinar Procurement as a Building Block for Circular Construction was run as part of the ProCirc project, contributing to our objective of facilitating transnational exchange…

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Buying in to a better future

08 July 2021

Circular principles are well embedded in the Municipality of Kolding. But that wasn’t always the case. In fact, not that long ago the municipal organisation was doing little more than exploring some o…

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Kamp C: Maypole placed on first circular office building in Flanders

05 July 2021

At the site of Kamp C, the provincial Centre for Sustainability and Innovation in Construction in Westerlo, the first circular office building in Flanders is taking shape. The project is a joint effor…

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