N33 Midden

The N33 is a ingle carriageway that runs from Assen to the ports of Delfzijl and the Eemshaven. The road was built in the 60s of the last century to improve the accessibility of the Northeast Netherlands. The N33 connects Northeast Groningen directly with Assen, where the road connects on the national highway system.

The project is in the plan development phase. In 2020, the final decision will be taken. Realization is between 2021 and 2024. New lanes will be constructed alongside the existing ones, six new viaducts and a bridge will be constructed and three existing viaducts will be widened and renewed.

This project aims to be as circular as possible, which implies that the street furniture is completely circular, new civil structures are partly or completely circular and pilots regarding circularity can be carried out on a specific/dedicated part of the roadbed. This will be realized by:

  • reuse of raw materials that are released when removing existing road sections and bridges;

  • use of regional raw materials such as the use of sludge from the Eems-Dollard as construction material;

  • (innovative and) circular street furniture;

  • one or more innovative circular designed viaducts.

The project has the ambition to be a leading/trending project for the Province of Groningen and Rijkswaterstaat. As a result the project sets an example for future projects. The ambition is to achieve a considerable reduction of use raw materials in the project and all new materials must have the potential to be reused in the futures. Furthermore the project has set the ambition to be a launching customer for de development of new products and technologies.

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Photo by The Imagineers