Accelerating the green transition with Circular Public Procurement | 01-06-2022

Venue: Online seminar

Date: 1st of June 2022

Time: 10.00 - 11.30 CEST

Registration: here

This seminar will dive into the world of Circular Public Procurement (CPP) and its key role in the green transition. We will not only hear experiences from the ProCirc pilots about the barriers and lessons learnt to adopt CPP but also get to know, from the supplier side, how SMEs can get easier access to participate in circular public tenders.

By joining this event procurers, policymakers and other stakeholders will find answers to questions such as: How do you measure impact from CPP or how do you define specific circular criteria in your tender to achieve certain impact? How can Public Authorities facilitate SMEs to participate on circular public tenders? What are the new skills needed and how can these be gained?


Welcome introduction on circular procurement and ProCirc (Núria Cases i Sampere, ACR+)

How does the EU framework support SMEs to participate in Circular and Green Public
Procurement (Anna Lupi, European Commission)

Measuring circular impact, a successful ProCirc case study (Alexander Lemmens, Government of Flanders)

Kamp C - Transition in construction (Emiel Ascione, Kamp C)

GREENER: supporting SMEs to engage in circular procurement – Skills and Training (Stiliana Todorova, Cleantech Bulgaria)

Supporting buyers' participation in circular economy and documenting the environmental impact (Irma Bazelyte, Klein Nordic)

Q&A session with the audience

Conclusions & key messages