Circular procurement tools and methodologies

This section offers tools and methodologies for procurers and procurement managers who are actively seeking to drive change in their organisations. It provides the necessary resources for organisations to align their focus and involve others to turn circular procurement into an essential aspect of their organisation’s business strategy.


Procurement transformation canvas and workshop manual

The Procurement Transformation Canvas and Workshop Manual supports procurers how to organise a workshop, in which they can determine their main focus areas whilst rethinking their procurement processes and ambition to integrate circularity in their procurement department. The Manual is created to support procurers in the process of implementing circular procurement in the organisation’s business strategy. The document is also available in Dutch.


Circular procurement tools and toolbox

The circular procurement toolbox is based on existing tools and methodologies aimed at supporting procurers. The toolbox contains the original tools and methods as compiled over the life of the project, and is being improved based on practical experience with their application in practice.

The toolbox also collects several elevator pitches and explanations about available tools. In this way, viewers can assess which tool is most appropriate for their specific context.

You can access the toolbox here.

Monitoring guidance

Measurements on savings in CO2 emissions, waste generated, and the amount of virgin materials consumed can all be used to demonstrate the concrete impact that circular procurements contribute to. Measuring and monitoring helps organisations to understand which actions generate the highest impact.

This monitoring guidance document is developed based on workshops and advice to support ProCirc Circular Procurement pilots.