Webinar: The future of ICT: Circular solutions for a post-Covid world

This webinar took place on the 18th of March 2021. The event provided a greater understanding of the environmental and financial benefits that can be gained through adapting circular procurement principles to the ICT sector. Different case study examples were presented to illustrate how this can be put into practice.


00:00 Introduction
Peter Ramsey, Business in the Community

2:08 Agenda: Circular ICT options
Philip Duddell, SPL & Mervyn Jones, SGR

4:16 ICT impacts and drivers for change
Philip Duddell, SPL & Mervyn Jones, SGR

22:29 Circular Procurement - Buy new or buy circular
Practical example - Josefin Levander, City of Malmö

32:14 Lifetime optimisation
32:14 Extending useful life and value, Mervyn Jones, SGR
39:45 Practical example - circular ICT management, Andy Laszlo, Glasgow Kelvin College
48:55 Practical example - circular business model, William McPherson, re-tek

57:55 Top Tips
57:55 Philip Duddell, SGR
1:03:19 Practical example - Circular ICT Pact, Cuno van Geet, Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, The Netherlands

1:10:55 Plenary discussion