Virtual tour through the circular office of Zonnige Kempen

30 May 2023 - Published by Kraftvaerk
Social Housing Company Zonnige Kempen moved into its circular renovated office last summer. During this session Anneleen Eelen, the Director of Zonnige Kempen, explained the process from A to Z while taking a virtual tour through the circular office. Get inspired and watch the recording of the session below.

The presentation starts at 2.15. You can also take a walk through the building yourself by following this link: (in Dutch).


The CHARM construction project contains the head office of the Zonnige Kempen and two apartments that they rent out. The visor was circular from the start and is a modern example of 'practice what you preach'. The office is modern, versatile and comfortable. The floor plan of the office has been designed in such a way that in the future the office can also be divided into different homes. But it can also be rented out as business space(s) to third parties or used by tenant groups. This flexibility is another dimension of Zonnige Kempen's sustainability philosophy. The structure was built to last at least 100 years, but by then its function may have completely changed. So it should be easily convertible. The possible changes in future use were therefore taken into account in the design of the structure.

The office has a green roof. Here, rainwater is collected, stored and used for watering the greenery. Because of the risk of flooding, it has been decided to drain almost no rainwater, but to collect everything and use it on site. Many materials have been reused and can be reused again over time. Examples include: the floors, the brick walls, tiles and the interior. Naturally, the energy consumption is very low, the building has a sustainable ventilation system and a heat pump and is of course well insulated. As a result, the employees of Zonnige Kempen enjoy working there. Moreover, the building is also a place for the (prospect) tenants where they can go with their questions.


Photo: Rotor