Organisational change

Here you can find a set of tools to guide the procurement team towards a circular transformation mindset. It is especially useful for procurers and managers driven by the circular economy. It provides a framework for organisational transformation. It is also valuable for business organisations and policymakers aiming to promote the circular agenda.

How to organise a change management workshop

The Interreg NSR ProCirc partners created a workshop manual for procurement teams aiming to draft an action plan to guide the team towards the behavioral change that is needed to achieve circular transformation objectives.

For whom: organisations who have set their first sustainability objectives but who encounter some obstacles in implementing the circular procurement process.  

Here you can download all the documents that you need to organise this workshop:

This workshop can be used as a follow-up on the circular procurement transformation workshop.


Growing a sustainable MINDSET

The municipality of Kolding developed, based on their experiences, a one-pager that highlights the key aspects for growing a sustainable mindset in an organisation. Click here to download. The one-pager is also available in Danish.


Guidance on Organisational Change for circular procurement

Interreg NSR ProCirc partner City of Malmö has been working on circular procurement since 2017. Today circular procurement is well integrated into processes at the centralized procurement unit. In this recorded presentation, the City of Malmö showcases its journey in implementing circular procurement.

Emma Börjesson and Johanna Tunlid serve as your guides, sharing insights and experiences from their organisational change journey. They acknowledge that describing such a transformational process is challenging, as it's often difficult to pinpoint specific activities that led to the change. Nevertheless, their intention with this guidance is to inspire others to take action.

The recording explores the type of leadership exhibited by Malmö in the field of circular procurement, emphasizes the significance of champions, and highlights the outcomes of the ProCirc pilots. Additionally, it provides an overview of the Circular Journey undertaken by the city, along with practical tips for implementation.

We invite you delve into Malmö's fascinating exploration of circular procurement. Enjoy!

Click on the image to access the recording:



00 Intro

01.15 City of Malmö in brief

2.25 Content for the presentation

2.52 Framework for organisational change management

4.13 Landmarks for City of Malmö within circular procurement

8.08 Leadership commitment

10.24 Champions

15.13 Transversal teamwork

20.00 ProCirc Procurement Pilots

30.50 Measuring and monitor

36.36 Challenges

40.51 Sum up, landmarks for organisational change and tips

47.24 Good bye and contact information