E-Learning by Zero Waste Scotland

The ZWS e-learning is intended for all those involved in commissioning and procurement. It introduces the user to the strategic role of procurement in addressing policy and legislative priorities. It summarises the key outcomes and benefits that can come from a focus on sustainable procurement, and outlines the key principles, tools, techniques and guidance available to support sustainable public procurement. It is also intended to give users confidence to minimise risks and maximise opportunities associated with Climate Change. Also, to help buyers and suppliers understand their role in mobilising procurement and supply in the transition to a Circular Economy and ‘Net Zero’.

For managers, the ZWS e-learning provides managers the comfort of knowing their staff have the tools and knowledge to help procure in a more circular and sustainable way.

The e-learning is accessible for everyone, by clicking the ‘First Time Registration’ link on the top right of the page: Sustainable Procurement (sustainableprocurementtools.scot.