Circular procurement guidance

The Circular Procurement Guidance is primarily aimed at procurers and procurement managers who want to incorporate circular procurement into their policies and truly make a difference. It provides a framework and insights on how to make the change based on the many pilot case examples collected throughout the ProCirc project. Additionally, an extensive set of training materials and other resources are provided to assist in making the change.


Circular procurement transformation guidance

This guidance is written for procurers and affiliated functions. It offers a general introduction to the topic of circular procurement. It guides you to the many resources that are available, and helps you decide which are relevant for your specific situation. Throughout this guidance, excerpts of the Interreg NSR ProCirc pilots are used as illustrations. Furthermore, it offers a relevant selection of the circular procurement tools that were collected during the Interreg NSR ProCirc project.


Organisational change

Here you can find guidance and inspiration for buyers on what tools, models and approaches can be used to motivate internal stakeholders and facilitate organisational change.


Training materials

This comprehensive set of e-learning tools is intended for all those involved in commissioning, procurement and management. It provides an introduction to the strategic role of procurement by addressing policy and legislative priorities. It also gives you more confidence to minimise risks and maximise opportunities associated with Climate Change, and it helps buyers and suppliers understand their role in mobilising procurement and supply in the transition to a Circular Economy and ‘Net Zero’. Having this basic knowledge allows you to better assess what else is needed to take circular procurement to the next level within your organisation.

The ProCirc partners developed several training materials and organised webinars based on their own experiences and lessons learned during the ProCirc project: