ProCirc is set up to experiment, implement and learn how circular economy and procurement can benefit the region. To fully benefit from circular opportunities and to contribute to the international development of circular economy, ProCirc conducts and supports 30 pilots to demonstrate procurement opportunities.

Each pilot aims to reduce 20-25% raw materials, waste and CO2 emissions. Insights and tools regarding specific sectors like construction, furniture and ICT will be disseminated in the North Sea region by creating an active transnational network on the topic.


Procuring organisations can stimulate circular economy using their demand to change markets. This will not only have a direct impact on the business models; innovation and economic opportunities that suppliers will create, but also on decreasing carbon emissions and the use of resources and closing product and material loops.






Photo: ©Hendriks Fotografie

Latest Project News

Pilot case study: Transition from fossil fuel to green energy

28 March 2022

Kolding Municipality has laid the groundwork for a focused effort to work on the green transition through the municipal sustainability strategy. In re…

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Survey: Help us identify which circular business model tools are available

01 March 2022

The ProCirc project aims to create a circular business model toolbox to provide suppliers with the knowledge and methods necessary to adopt circularit…

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Pioneering the circular procurement of furniture

14 February 2022

According to the European Environmental Bureau, 10 million tonnes of furniture are discarded by businesses and consumers in the European Union each ye…

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Shells serve as floor insulation within pilot case ’t Centrum (Westerlo, Belgium)

14 February 2022

The construction team of ’t Centrum chose shells as a means of floor insulation. Teun Depreeuw, manager of Ecoshelp, explains.

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Webinar: Practical guidance for procurers and project managers in circular procurement

23 November 2021

On the 9th of November Interreg North Sea Region projects Procirc and joined forces and organised a webinar to showcase best practices, pr…

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