The circular economy is key to solving the North Sea Region's waste crisis and the rising cost of new materials. Circular procurement is an effective pathway to achieve this, with EU public authorities spending 14% of their GDP on public procurement (€1.9 trillion annually) i.e. providing a direct opportunity to invest in the circular economy.

The Interreg North Sea Region ProCirc project aimed to develop knowledge and understanding on how circular procurement contributes to reducing raw material usage, waste, and CO2 emissions across industries. Throughout the project, more than 30 circular procurement pilot projects were initiated in various sectors, including textiles, clothing, construction, ICT, and furniture.

Over a span of 4.5 years, the 11 organisations from 6 countries jointly acquired a wealth of experience, formulated recommendations and guidelines, devised tools and methodologies, and established robust transnational networks. Two collaborative Joint Statements of Demand (JSD) were launched, emphasising the project's impact in shaping a more circular economy. A third JSD is published in draft.

This site houses an exhaustive collection of all project findings, outputs and resources. The material is useful for those embarking on the procurement journey, those seeking to integrate circularity into their procurement practices, and those aspiring to be leaders in the procurement industry’s circular efforts. Visit the About page in order to find out how this site is structured.


‘Policymakers must grasp the core principles of the circular economy and harness circular procurement to stimulate its implementation.’


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Introduction video Interreg NSR ProCirc: Leveraging procurement power for a more circular and sustainable economy


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