ProCirc is set up to experiment, implement and learn how circular economy and procurement can benefit the region. To fully benefit from circular opportunities and to contribute to the international development of circular economy, ProCirc conducts and supports 30 pilots to demonstrate procurement opportunities.

Each pilot aims to reduce 20-25% raw materials, waste and CO2 emissions. Insights and tools regarding specific sectors like construction, furniture and ICT will be disseminated in the North Sea region by creating an active transnational network on the topic.


Procuring organisations can stimulate circular economy using their demand to change markets. This will not only have a direct impact on the business models; innovation and economic opportunities that suppliers will create, but also on decreasing carbon emissions and the use of resources and closing product and material loops.


 Photo: ©Hendriks Fotografie

Latest Project News

Pioneering circularity: from phones and tablets to baby strollers

06 June 2023

Circular procurement is a key driver of sustainability, underscoring the potential of organisations to influence the shift towards a more resource-eff…

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New report on status of circular procurement in the construction sector in Norway

02 June 2023

ProCirc partner DFØ has appointed Deloitte to map the status of circular economy in the construction, civil engineering and real estate industry of No…

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Online event: follow up and key takeaways

25 April 2023

Our online event on the 18th of April to share the results and lessons of the ProCirc project attracted more than 100 participants from different coun…

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How to procure circular: Lessons from 30 pilot procurements

12 April 2023

Are you a procurer and interested in learning more about how you can contribute to a circular economy? Read our new report that summarises the learnin…

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Five scaling opportunities for circular procurement

11 April 2023

How to scale circular procurement from ambitious frontrunners to wide-scale uptake and integration? Through better promotion in policy and higher lev…

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