Workshop on Electrification of Leisure Boats in Sweden and Norway

27 September 2021 - Published by Martine Elise Farstad

On 26 August, Periscope partner Business Region Göteborg (BRG) hosted a digital workshop on establishing a common charging infrastructure for ​​leisure boats along the coast of West Sweden and Norway. Around 20 players from Norway and Sweden attended, with participation from both the public and private sectors, such as municipalities, boat manufacturers, charging developers. The meeting started with a short presentation about the Periscope project and then BRG presented the idea of a common regional EU-financed project between Norway and Sweden. To conclude, the municipalities of Faerder and Arendal presented their work to date and expressed their interest in future collaboration.


The aim is to create more opportunities for charging and to develop the infrastructure collaboratively in this time of conversion to fossil-free transports.