Workshop on Business Opportunities towards Emission-Free Maintenance of Wind Farms

24 October 2018 - Published by Stig Marthinsen

During Wind Energy Hamburg, PERISCOPE partners organised a seminar to map the possibilities for emission-free maintenance of wind farms. The Center of Maritime Technologies Germany (CMT) and Maritime by Holland mapped out the possibilities for emission-free maintenance of wind farms.


Achieving the ambitious goals of the EU within the field of ​​sustainable energy requires wind energy. Because there is still plenty of space at sea, many new wind farms will be built there in the coming years. The Netherlands aims to generate at least 4450 MW from offshore wind energy by 2023. This is 12 times what the wind generation value was in 2015!  With the construction of new wind farms, the maintenance effort will also increase sharply. Now maintenance vessels are still sailing on conventional fuels, but this is not an appropriate energy generation method in terms of sustainability and this is why the emissions from maintenance vessels must be significantly reduced.  Various options were discussed, such as (hybrid) electrical solutions and solutions using hydrogen-fuel cells. In addition, challenges with regard to ​​availability and storage of energy and connectivity were also covered. The seminar proved to be an important stimulus for players in the entire chain: from client to system supplier!