Upcoming technology jumps in the maritime sector

04 April 2018 - Published by Stig Marthinsen
In this video, Johannes Bie, Director of Oil&Gas for Offshorenergy.DK, talks about the upcoming technology jumps on the horizon.

PERISCOPE talks to Johannes Bie, Director of Oil&Gas for Offshorenergy.DK about the upcoming technology jumps on the horizon. He is keen to educate top management about new technological opportunities in the maritime and offshore sectors. is the official national cluster organisation and innovation network for the Danish offshore industry, facilitating networking activities within the offshore sector and universities. OEDK also manages technical and industry-wide development projects, participates in knowledge sharing activities and B2B events, and promotes the Danish offshore sector in an international perspective, clustering more than 250 member companies. will benefit from participation in PERISCOPE by strengthening relations and networks with other European offshore wind clusters and thus increase its capacity to support its national offshore wind industry members. will increase its effort to facilitate cross-cluster innovation and cooperation, business relations by B2B events. Those international activities will be key for the development of innovations for the European offshore wind market.