The role of Foresight in the PERISCOPE Project

06 April 2018 - Published by Stig Marthinsen
Professor René Rohrbeck of Aarhus University talks about the role of Foresight in the PERISCOPE Project, and Sofia Garino, a Master’s student in Engineering and Management, talks about her thesis.

As foresight is such an integral element in the project, we talk to Professor René Rohrbeck of Aarhus University, Professor of Strategy. Aarhus University is host to the Strategic Foresight Research Network, which has a long track record of developing methodologies and providing industry foresight.

Professor Rohrbeck explains both what foresight is and how it is important. He elaborates on how firms need to identify the type of future in which they will be successful and the requirement to possess the necessary skills to fulfil this.

As PERISCOPE feeds into an existing research programme which develops and tests novel industry foresight methods and tools, we then interview a Master’s student in Engineering and Management, Sofia Garino. In her thesis, she develops a methodological approach that permits the exploration of new markets and the identification of new business opportunities in organisational networks. The thesis follows a design science research approach to develop the method. The approach will be validated through discussion and refinement by participants in a case project, the EU Interreg-funded PERISCOPE project. In general, the university hopes to be able to draw conclusions from the PERISCOPE project for further refinement of approaches.